My background

TempMeMy academic training in philosophy has been at the University of Kent; first I studied a joint honours degree in maths and philosophy, which I followed up with an MSc by research in the philosophy of maths which I completed in 1997 (my thesis was “Numbers can be anything: a naturalistic inquiry into the language of mathematics”). In 2016 I returned to Kent’s philosophy department to work towards a PhD in which I am exploring the nature of and relationship between what we would say that we believe and what we perceive and feel.

Alongside my academic research I trained in counselling skills (stopping just short of becoming a counsellor). From my own experience it is impossible to separate emotional and philosophical reflections, they are different ways of exploring who you are and how you see the world.

I have also established a career in information systems along the way, picking up an MSc in Information Systems from Christ Church University and sixteen years of experience working in the field including ten over ten years as the Information Systems Manager at the King’s School in Canterbury.

Patrick Killeen

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